Take my heart instead..
My heart and soul
I am a 凡baby and a Soonipple


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Moments like these
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[Orig.] Kris looks ready to smack Kyungsoo in the face
[Orig. 1|2] Krisoohun sandwich
Kyungsoo showing Kris who's the boss
Right behind you
Let's erase everything one by one, except for us
Let's fly away
I'm not ready for this to end...
Meet me halfway
Krisoo's confession
Title: UnknownI Love You
Artist: UnknownKrisoo
Album: UnknownKrisoo4lyfe
Played: 6907 times
"I love you."
- "I love you too."
Tell me what is love

All I ever wanted was to live at your side
Never did erase you from my mind
There’s no way I can escape these thoughts
Is this really what they call love?
I’m not ready for this to end, wait a minute
Come back to me
Sooner or later, I will fade away
Tell me what is love

Hoping that this is not the very last of Krisoo on camera...